To send and receive emails, take part in news group conferences you have to setup Outlook Express first.

Every user in Outlook Express can have his own identity with unlimited number of mail and news accounts. This account can be used for different purposes like business mail account, personal mail account etc.

Before setting up Outlook Express make sure you know your email address and all other necessary info. Maybe you should contact your Internet Service Provider first.

To setup an account run Outlook Express by clicking Start > Programs > Outlook Express. If you run Outlook Express for the first time, Internet Connection Wizard shall appear. Otherwise, it can be called from Tools > Accounts, then Add button in the appeared window and choose the account type you want to create (mail or news).

Setup mail account in Outlook Express

In the first window of the wizard enter the name your mail recipients will see. In the next window, called Internet E-mail Address enter the email for the incoming mail. This email address will appear in the From field of your outgoing emails. In the next window (E-mail Server Names) you have to choose the type of your mail server: POP3, SMTP or HTTP. Also, enter the mail server address in appropriate field (field names and quantity may vary depending on the mail server type). In the Internet Mail Logon window enter login and password to you mail account.
You have now finally setup your Outlook Express. You are now ready to send and receive emails.

Setup news account in Outlook Express

To setup news account in Outlook Express run the program and go to the Tools > Accounts. In the appeared window click Add button and choose News. In the first window of the wizard enter the name you would like to use in your news groups messages. In the next window enter the email address you will use for news groups. In the Internet News Server window you should enter the address of your news server. Also, if needed, check the check box My news server requires me to log on. If the check boxed is checked you will have to enter login and password in the next window.
Now you are now ready to take part news group conferences.

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