DBX files (files with *.dbx extension) are the files where Outlook Express stores email messages. They can be found in so-called Outlook Express Store Folder. To determine Store Folder location click Store Folder button at Tools>Options>Maintenance in Outlook Express.

When you open Store Folder in Windows Explorer, you will see a set of DBX files. Every file contains messages from the appropriate message folder in Outlook Express. For example, Inbox.dbx contains emails from Inbox folder and so on. Folders.dbx is an index of all Outlook Express message folders. It contains a structure of all news groups, mail folders and some synchronization data.

How to extract emails from DBX files?

It is almost impossible to extract DBX files manually. However, there are tons of DBX extracting software over the Internet. We recommend to use DBXtract from www.oehelp.com. The program extracts emails from an appropriate DBX and saves every message in a separate *.eml file. Sometimes it works with extracting emails from damaged DBX file, so some people will find this utility as a real lifesaver.

Common problems with DBX files

Maybe one of the most widespread problem occurs when moving Outlook Express messages to another identity, Outlook Express or another computer. When you copy DBX files from one Store Folder to another it is obligatory to copy Folders.dbx too. Otherwise, you won't be able to open message folders in Outlook Express.

Sometimes happens DBX file may be damaged or corrupted. In that case, you may try to use some utility to extract your messages from it. If you are lucky one, you will get your emails back. But to avoid such problems in future it is better to backup your emails.

A common problem is with an extremely large size of Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx and Deleted Items.dbx. This may slow down Outlook Express or even cause some data loss problems. That is why it is better not to store all incoming mail only in Inbox folder, make backups and clean up your emails periodically.

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