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Conversion of measurement units is a main function of this program. All conversions are separated to different groups, such as Area, Distance, Volume, and so on. Each conversion group has own calculator. All calculators have same style, so all of them are easy and same to use.



Figure 7: Appearance of the Conversion Calculator.


Conversion calculators contain:


1.Input (source) editor - input value to convert here.
2.Source unit selector - select the measurement unit of the input value here.
3.Output (destination) editor (read only) - result of conversion will be placed here. You can use Ctrl+C to copy this value to the clipboard.
4.Destination unit selector - select the measurement unit of the result value here.
5.Some calculators have an interactive graphic indicator that helps you visually compare input and output units. Also the indicator allows change the input value by mouse.
6.Conversion group of the SideBar - allows switch between conversion calculators.
7.View style selector - allows change view style of all conversion calculators at once.
8.Swap units button - changes input unit with output unit and vice versa.



How to convert


1.Select a necessary conversion calculator. Use an associated icon in the Conversion group of the SideBar (Figure 7; Pos 6).
2.Input the value you want to convert in the Input (source) editor (Figure 7; Pos 1).
3.Select a measurement unit of the input value in the Source unit selector (Figure 7; Pos 2).
4.Select a measurement unit of the output value in the Destination unit selector (Figure 7; Pos 4).


After these steps the converted value will be placed in the Output (destination) editor (Figure 7; Pos 3). Also see Value columns of unit selectors, converted values for each measurement unit are placed there.



View styles


All calculators can be shown in 3 different styles. This feature allows change a look of all calculators as you want:


Default (with indicator) - input and output elements are split as designed. Interactive graphic indicator (Figure 7; Pos 5) is visible.
Horizontal split - input and output elements are split horizontally.
Vertical split - input and output elements are split vertically.


You can change the view style using the combobox (Figure 7; Pos 7) or popup menu. Selected view style is applied to all calculators at once.



Unit selectors


All unit selectors, both input and output, have same style. Generic unit selector contains three columns by default:


1.Units - contains names of measurement units.
2.Abbr. - contains abbreviations of measurement units.
3.Value - contains converted values for each unit.


You can sort content of unit selectors by any column, click on the column's header to change the order. Columns can be moved by mouse. All unit selectors have powerful popup menus.


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