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You can navigate program using a menu or SideBar (Figure 6).



Navigation SideBar


Navigation bar (Figure 6) of this program is Outlook-styled. Use the SideBar to switch between program sections.




Figure 6: Navigation SideBar.




SideBar contains 5 groups:

1. Conversions - selector of conversions by measurement group. See Conversions Overview for details.

2. Calculations - selector of math calculations. See Calculations Overview for details.

3. Geometry - selector of geometry calculations. See Geometry Overview for details.

4. Options - program settings and options group.

       General Settings - opens a program settings section. See General Settings for details.

       Interface Options - opens an interface options section. See Interface Options for details.

       Upgrade - upgrades from the web. See Upgrade topic for details.

5. Help - help and information group.

       About - shows information about the program, authors and credits.

       Help - opens the help manual.

       Purchase - opens the web page ( where you can buy the program.

       Register - allows you enter the registration key. This icon is present in the evaluation (trial) version only.

       Web Site - opens a web site of this program ( You can read information about program and download a new release there.


You can change the order of icons by dragging them with the mouse. Icons can be shown in 2 ways, Large or Small, use popup menu of the SideBar to change the icons appearance.


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