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ABF Value Converter has a number of settings that allow tune up the application according to user's preferences. General Settings is accessible in the Options group of the SideBar (Figure 6) or through menu.



Figure 8: General Settings.


Common settings of the program:

Automatically run at the system start-up - check this options if you want ABF Value Converter always runs at the system start-up, logon, restart, and so on.
Run the program minimized - check this options if the program should run in the minimized mode as default. Very useful if the program always runs at the system start-up.
The program window is top most - check this option if you want the main window of the program to be over all other windows.


Language settings are not supported in the current version.


Autosave settings determine which program settings and options will be saved on the program closing and will be automatically restored on the program start.


Tray icon options determine behaviour of an icon in the system tray (near the clock):

Tray icon is always visible - check this options if tray icon should always be visible independently of program state.
Minimize to the system tray - check this options if the program should minimize itself to the system tray.
Show popup menu by left click - check it if you want to show a popup menu by left click on the tray icon.


Use the Reset to defaults button to reset all General settings to values by default.


ABF Value Converter is product of ABF software, Inc.

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