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ABF Slide Show Screen Saver is very easy to use. Just open a setup window by clicking Settings button on the Screen Saver tab of Display Properties (Figure 4).




Figure 4: Screen saver settings.


Setup window allows you to customize any parameter of the screen saver. At first select Image source, there are 2 different sets of parameters for each Image source type: Local settings (Figure 5) and Web based settings (Figure 6).




Figure 5: Options for local pictures.




Figure 6: Options for pictures from the Web.



Also you can specify other common options, such as Interval of picture changing, Background Color, and Slide Show Effect. After that add all folders you want for local pictures (Figure 5) or specify the list of URLs for pictures from the Web (Figure 6). Press OK button to save changes.


Press More button to access a Registration form (Figure 2), About dialog or "Upgrade from the web" feature.


ABF Slide Show Screen Saver is product of ABF software, Inc.

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