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Program overview

icon.gif ABF Photo Camera is an extremely useful capture application. It allows you to easily make a real photo studio from your web cam or other capture device. You'll be able to see a video, take pictures and even make timer delayed photos. A skinnable user interface (Figure 1) allows you to change a look of the application, create own skins, and makes this product a must have item for your PC.


Figure 1: ABF Photo Camera.

ABF Photo Camera is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP (DirectX must be installed). Install, Uninstall and Large Fonts are fully supported. The program has a huge help manual, so use F1 key wherever you need.

How to use

Usage of the ABF Photo Camera is very easy. View button enables a video input. Press Take button to make a picture. You can use a timer when take pictures. If the picture fits your need press Save button to save it on disk. If you need to change some options or settings press Options button, the options panel will appear. Close button closes the application.

Note: The user interface is skinnable, so positions, shapes and captions of buttons are depended on current skin and can be different.


·Windows 98/Me/2000/XP  
·DirectX 8.0 or higher  
·Any video capture device, such as web cam or others.  

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