AREA_BY_COLOR algorithm
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This algorithm was designed in 1998 by KARPOLAN (He is a member of our team now). Main idea of algorithm is using of a multi-color mask (bitmap or other graphics) for marking areas by different colors. This is an example of multi-color mask:


Figure 10:
Multi-color mask.

Each color area of mask denotes some working area. Gray area can be a body of application. Yellow, Red, Aqua, Lime areas can be buttons and so on.... You just detect which color of the mask is under cursor and perform events for area associated with this color. Also you can create a region for each color area and detect which region is currently active (this way is used in the
krpRegions library).    

AREA_BY_COLOR™ algorithm, Copyright © 1998-2002 by KARPOLAN. All rights reserved.

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