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ABF Outlook Backup supports command line parameters and can be used as a task in the system scheduler. There is an integrated Task builder (Figure 11) in the program. You can build a command line for any kind of operations or tasks.




Figure 11: Task builder.


Supported command line parameters are:


b - Backup operation flag
r - Restore operation flag
f=xxx - File to process parameter (where xxx is a full file name)
o=disgf - Options parameter. Any combination of: d - data files, i - Interface options, s - Settings, g - Signatures, f - Favorites.
v - Visibility parameter. The user can see a progress of operation if this parameter is set.


Also you can easily add a selected operation right to the system scheduler, use the Add task to scheduler button. After that you can tune up the task using a scheduler. See a help manual of the system scheduler for details.



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