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Restore is an operation to place the backed up data from file on the disk into the MS Outlook.




Figure 6: Restore operation.


At first you should select a file where the backup data is stored (Figure 6; Pos 2). Then check all parts you want to restore

(Figure 6; Pos 1). After that press Restore button (Figure 6; Pos 3) to perform the operation. The information about backup data is sown in the description field (Figure 6; Pos 4)


MS Outlook have to be closed during the restore procedure. If it is running, you'll get a warning message. Please close MS Outlook and wait until the operation will end.


You will get Operation completed message after the restore procedure completed successfully, unless the operation was canceled or some serious errors occurred. If you get Operation canceled message at the end of the procedure, please check if you have enough free space on you disk and redo the restore procedure.


Note: Successful restore is guaranteed only if the current version of MS Outlook is the same used during the backup.


Note: If you have had some PST files at non-standard location, you can find these files in standard storage folder (C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) under PSTs sub-folder. You can install these files manually if you want.



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