Cursor Eye
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Cursor Eye is a following cursor tool. It means that some window moves near the mouse cursor (Figure 8) and magnifies the screen area around it.


Figure 8: Cursor Eye tool.

Cursor Eye is very useful for designers who need to control the appearance of different parts of programs, web sites, graphs or presentations. Also it is useful for people with poor eyesight who have a problem to see some small objects on the screen.

Cursor Eye has a tray icon in the system notification area (
Figure 2). You can use a popup menu of icon (Figure 9) to manage the program.


Figure 9: Tray popup menu of Cursor Eye.

Cursor Eye is highly customizable using the Options dialog (
Figure 10). You can change appearance, coordinates, zoom, and refresh rate of the eye window.


Figure 10: Options of Cursor Eye tool.

Cursor Eye can be semitransparent (in Win2k and higher). It makes the program more comfortable, because you can see a content of screen through the eye window. You can specify the shape of window, width of border, and turn on/off the cursor image.

Cursor Eye allows designers to pick a color value of pixel under the cursor using a predefined keyboard shortcut. Picking of the cursor position is also possible. Such feature makes the Cursor Eye a perfect color picker tool.