Kuliba Software       Audio Tags Editor 1.9   

Kuliba Software
Audio Tags Editor
 Audio file tags editor. Even better.

Technical Specifications

  • Editing tags of the MP3 format
  • Editing tags of the OGG format
  • Editing tags of the WMA format
  • Editing tags of the ASF format
  • Editing included lyrics and pictures
  • Editing tags directly in the list cells
  • Obtaining information from the FreeDB database and automatic tag filling for a number of folders (unique)
  • Obtaining information from the FreeDB database for audio discs
  • Editing tags for entire folders and their subfolders
  • Automatically collecting statistics for folders: track length, average bitrate and file size.
  • Copying the tags of the selected files onto the clipboard
  • Exchanging frame contents
  • Renaming files and folders including the quick renaming mode (by template)
  • Advanced files search with tags parameters (unique)
  • Creating playlists including the quick creating mode (by template)
  • Displaying subfolders in the list
  • Automatically filling track numbers
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Deleting files and folders
  • Select Files Only mode
  • Monitoring changes in the active folder
  • Controlling and playing files in Winamp
  • Flexible and customizable interface
  • Updating the software via the Internet

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