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Audio Tags Editor
 Audio file tags editor. Even better.


+ new feature
* improvement/modification or bug fix

1.9 (12.01.2005)

+ Added "Select All Folder Files" button
+ Added "Select All" button
+ Added "Unselect All" button
+ Added "Invert Selection" button

1.8 (12.12.2004)

+ Added Mass FreeDB Dialog. FreeDB works with a number of folders automatically now.

1.7 (12.11.2004)

+ Obtaining information from the FreeDB database for audio discs
* Fixed work via proxy
* Changed the "Copy Info to Clipboard" shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+C

1.6 (12.10.2004)

+ Added search
+ Added WMA files support
+ Added ASF files support

1.5 (12.09.2004)

+ Added "Save all tags" button
+ Added "Clear all tags" button

1.4 (26.08.2004)

+ Added "Desktop as Root folder" option to advanced settings
+ Added "General" tab to tags editor
+ Added "Advanced" tab to tags editor
+ Added "Lyric" tab to tags editor
+ Added "Picture" tab to tags editor
+ Automatic recognition and processing audio file types
+ Added "Clear all" command to tags editor
+ Added OGG's custom tags support
+ Added Lyric edit support
+ Added Pictures edit support
+ Added confirm clear operation
* Removed "MP3" button and menu item
* Removed "OGG" button and menu item
* Removed "File types" button and menu item
* Files which contained local characters could not play in Windows Media Player. Fixed
* Audio Tags Editor crashed during processing huge folders. Fixed.
* More stable

1.3 (20.07.2004)

+ Added OGG files support
+ Automatically reflect of file changes
+ Full drag and drop operations support
+ Save the current state of file list
* Removed the "Monitor changes in selected folder" option from advanced settings
* Removed the "Select files only" option from advanced settings
* New optional warning message if folder has no audio files
* There're a lot of internal changes.

1.2 (12.05.2004)

+ Added the feature of playing the selected files in Winamp and having the full control over it, including running and closing it
+ Added the option of recursing folders and subfolders
+ Added an optional warning before starting to recurse a folder and its subfolders
* Fixed opening the help
* Fixed the creation of a playlist. Now, if the generated file contains any invalid characters (/\:*?"<>|), they will be replaced with the underscore character
* New style and behavior of the tags editor

1.1 (12.04.2004)

+ Added "Quick Rename Folder" function
+ Added "Rename Folder" dialog
+ Added "Upgrade" function for upgrade the program via Internet
* Change behavior of Rename Files Dialog. If you have not selected any file then dialog will open current folder and select all its files

1.0 (12.03.2004)

* Original version

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