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Swap Tags Frames Dialog

You can open the "Swap Tags Frames" dialog using the "Tools/Swap Tags Frames..." menu. It enables you to save the information or swap frames, service fields, file names or folder name.

The dialog supports two working modes: "Swap Source and Target frames" and "Copy from Source frames to Target", which can be toggled in the "Mode" area. In the first case the information in the fields specified as Source and Target will be swapped, in the second case the information in the field specified as Target will be replaced with the information from the Source field.

The two upper ComboBoxes are used for specifying the Source and Target fields. Tag frames, service fields, file and folder names can be used as fields. Some fields can be used only as a source of information and cannot be modified. Such fields are, for example, folder name, file size or bitrate. These fields are marked as [read only] and they have some restrictions in the "Swap Source and Target frames" mode, when there is a possibility of replacing them with the information from the field specified as Source.

The Options area is used for toggling the file selection mode. The "Apply to current folder" option enables you to apply the operation to all files of the current folder. The "Apply to selected files" option applies the operation to the files you have selected before opening the dialog.

The right-hand list displays the result of the operation. The OK button saves the information according to the current settings and remembers them until the dialog is opened the next time. The Cancel button closes the dialog without making any changes.

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