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FreeDB Dialog

The "FreeDB" dialog enables you to receive the information on the album (include audio discs) from the FreeDB database and save the corresponding data to the tags automatically.

You can open the dialog using the "FreeDB" menu item. The application opens the folder, if it was not opened, selects all files in it and sends the information on their length and order to the FreeDB database. According to this information, FreeDB identifies the album and returns the information with the album name, artist, tracks and, probably, the year and genre. After that you can save this information to the tags.

Attention! The folder is supposed to contain all the album tracks with the original length and in the original order. Otherwise FreeDB will not be able to identify the album correctly.

If FreeDB could identify the album, the list at the top will contain the list of albums matching the length and order of tracks in the current folder. If there is no information on the album, the dialog will inform you about the error and will be closed.

To obtain the information about the tracks, you should select one of albums from the list at the top. To do it, double click it or select it and click the "Get info" button. If there is only one album in the list, the information about the tracks will be obtained automatically without any activity from you. Once the information is recived, the tracks titles will be in the lower list while the information on the album will appear in the corresponding editing fields.

Before saving the received information to the tags, you can edit it (except for tag names). To save it you should click the "Write" button. To cancel saving, click the "Cancel" button.

The "Track autonumeration" option allows you to number the tags while saving automatically (the "Track #" frame). The "Various Artists" option should be enabled if various artists took part in recording the album. For example, it is true for music compilations. In this case the received information is processed in a special way because such track titles also contain the information about the artist and look like "Artist/Title".

The status bar (Status Bar) informs you about the current status of the information receiving process.

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